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Novedades Astrophisics Astrofisica

Ultimas noticias y videos de los eventos y ultimas misiones de las diferentes Agencias espaciales, NASA, ESA, JAXA, ESO…etc

Large prominence erupting from the Sun on April 13, 2010

A massive prominence erupted from the Sun on April 13, 2010. The best view of the eruption was from the STEREO Ahead spacecraft, as shown in this COR1 movie, combined with Helium II 304 Angstrom images of the solar disk from EUVI. This was one of the largest prominence eruptions seen during the STEREO mission so far.


Sungrazing comet observed by STEREO

Sungrazing comet observed by COR1-A on March 12, 2010. Note the faint tail remnant drifting away after perihelion.

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