Noticias,novedades y nuevos videos de la NASA

Una vez la NASA ha editado nuevos videos de sus actividades y novedades que a continuación os ponemos.

NASA | LARGEST: Check Your Local Sphere for Listings

LARGEST introduces mainstream audiences to the planet Jupiter. Though the film itself has been prepared exclusively for playback on spherical projections systems, this trailer showcases some of the visual themes contained in the movie and points to the film’s main website.

ARES 1-X Time Lapse Arrival & Stacking on MLP

ARES 1-X Time Lapse Lightning Mast Tower Construction

‘NASA’s Swift satellite has acquired the highest-resolution view of the neighboring spiral galaxy M31. Also known as the Andromeda Galaxy, M31 is the largest and closest such galaxy to our own. It’s more than 220,000 light-years across and lies 2.5 million light-years away in the constellation Andromeda. Between May 25 and July 26, 2008, Swift’s Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope (UVOT) acquired 330 images of M31 at wavelengths of 192.8, 224.6, and 260 nanometers. The images represent a total exposure time of 24 hours. Some 20,000 ultraviolet sources are visible in the image, including M32, a small galaxy in orbit around M31. Dense clusters of hot, young, blue stars sparkle in the disk beyond the galaxy’s smooth, redder central bulge. Star clusters are especially plentiful along a ring about 150,000 light-years across.’

‘Discovery’s astronauts deliver tons of equipment and exchange a crew member.’

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